Have a few questions? Not to worry...we have answers.

If you don't find the answers you're looking for, email Helen Lopez or BTFestival@blessed-trinity.org


Is this a religious based festival?

No. The Festival is open to everyone. All are welcome regardless of religion, race, color, age, sexual orientation, gender, national origin, disability, etc. This 4-day event is put on by both the School and Church for the entire community, with proceeds benefiting both institutions and ultimately the community at large.

Who benefits from the proceeds?

Both Blessed Trinity Catholic School and the Parish.


Which social sites will my content be promoted on?
Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

How many insertions do i get?
Based on you package tier, it ranges from 1 post to 3 posts in each channel, but we always cross promote our sponsors content throughout the year.

Social Media Manager: Alex at btsparishfestival@gmail.com



What is this?
Your name will be listed on the entrance sign of the festival under your sponsorship package tier.



What does it look like?


Where can i purchase it?
Download the order form here or buy it online here.



Can i place my logo on these?
Yes. Feel free to design these however you'd like with appropriate content.

What size are the banners?
6 feet x 3 feet

Where are they facing?
During the Festival: Facing Curtiss Parkway

Before and After the Festival: On School Property

How long will they be up?
6 months
( The banners are created for outdoors and should withstand normal weather conditions )