Site Map

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T1 Ticket Booth

E1 Live Music Stage

E2 Auction/Dance Floor

E3 Cougar Café
sponsored by Tu Café

E4 Bingo

F1 & F2 Multi Diner

Friday, November 16 – Pasta
Saturday, November 17 – Tapas
Sunday, November 18 – Pork & Sausage

F3 Women’s Guild Country Bakery

F4 Hot Roasted Corn

F5 Pan Con Bistec
sponsored by A New Horizon Body Shop & Collision Specialists

F6 & F7 Quesadilla Kings

F8 Emmaus BBQ & Parillada

F9 Hot Pizza Slices

F10 The Irish Pub: Beer, Wine, Water & Sodas

F11 THE COUGAR’S DEN / Mega Dining Tent

S1 School Booth

S2 School Booth

S3 Dunk Tank Booth
sponsored by The Leonard Real Estate Group