“Every option available puts our business name in front of most festival attendees while elevating our status.” – Fulvia Arata of South Florida Rehabilitation Consultants.

“Sponsoring allowed us to increase our reach and generate new leads that have contributed to our growth.” – Alex Sanchez of Cherokee Enterprises Inc.


“I like the festival because I get to meet new people and see my friends. It’s really nice that they set it up for everyone to enjoy and have fun. Everyone should be so thankful. I really like the Guitar ride. It’s one of the best rides there.” – Annie Meador

“Can’t wait for the next one..this festival is a great opportunity to share as a family and in family. We all love it” – Jenny De La Cruz

“My favorite memory of the festival is getting to see my friends and going on rides with them. I love eating the yummy food and drinks too. My favorite ride is the Guitar. I love how it goes up and down so fast. The festival is so much fun. I hope next year it will be fun too and that you will have so much fun.” – Lexie Turner

“Year after year, the festival is always a great, family oriented event and such a wonderful memory making weekend!” – Jannet Zayas-Sanchez

“Our parish festival is a fun and safe environment for all ages. My best memories of the festival are raffling tickets, going on the “Rock And Roll”, spending time with my friends and making life long memories with them. The Festival is my favorite time of year because it’s 4 days I can hang out with my friends all day long.” – Dominic Zelaya

“Every year our kids are excited to attend the BT Festival. It’s a great time for families, friends and the community to get together and make lasting memories.” – Adriana Perez

“My favorite thing about the festival is hanging out with friends from school and meeting up with old friends again. One of my favorite times was when my friends and I went on the Fireball, the Guitar, and the Zipper. People from all over our community and parish get together with each other and have a great time. Everyone should be thankful for the work, money, and time parents and teachers spend to help our school and parish and to make the kids happy.” – Sofia Cranston

“I like my festival because my school always includes Jesus in it. The rides are very fun! Last year, my favorite ride was the Rockstar. I like rides that spin and spin and spin. My festival may be part of a small school, but to me, it is big no matter what!” – Sabrina Alcaine